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Koi pond enthusiast, we are in a unique position to help you solve your Koi Pond problems.

  • Thinking about building a koi pond ?
  • Created Koi ponds unsuccessfully in the past ?
  • No idea how to care for a Koi pond properly ?
  • Eager to get started the right way, straight away ?
  • Want to know what the difference between a normal pond and a Koi Pond is ?
  • Confused about lining, fibre glassing and bottom drains ?
  • Confused about filtration systems ?
  • Continue having poor water quality ?
  • Algae problems ?

Koi Culture, a service company based in Cape Town, specializing in construction, design, and maintenance of Koi ponds, having 10 years experience in fish health, filtration, and water chemistry, we provide quality aquatic environments for fish.We also work closely with designers and architects to install the latest in modern and contemporary aquatic environments.

We are proud of our accomplishments in providing responsible and consistent service and the highest quality filtration components in the business at competitive prices, in addition we also carry assorted energy efficient water pumps and a complete line of pond equipment and accessories.